Hermetic Mobility presents quick install medical screening units

In recent weeks, Hermetic Mobility has implemented a COVID-19 response solution that provides hygienic, smart, and safe settings for health screenings and examinations at entrances to buildings and public spaces where infection control is a concern.

Developed alongside Miller Panelling Specialties in the USA, the Hermetic Mobility system is mobilised quickly, with minimal onsite construction necessary. These container-based units are a perfect solution for medical screening, examination, and testing for a range of industries and business needs including educational facilities, mining-houses, laboratories, hospitals, clinics, commercial warehouses, and large offices.  

Hermetic Mobility Suite

Why containers?

The advantage that comes with using container units is that these are strong, secure, and modular permitting rapid delivery. These turnkey solution units can be modified and converted into virtually any space required and they are built to last with only the best medical-grade steel, materials, and fittings used. The durability of the containers allows for these units to be moved and placed to form individual or multiple container structures depending on your business requirements.

The question that comes to mind is what to do with these container-based units once COVID-19 passes? The units have a diversity of usages and can be converted into additional wellness or medical facilities on-site. The units could be used for additional storage or even converted into extra office space. In South Africa there is always the need for repurposing and these units could be transported and donated to communities in need as part of your companies Corporate Social Investment.

Business Continuity

Do you have a large workforce that is not being managed correctly with everyone working from home? Do you have staff who need access to resources and teams that need to engage in person? This is the solution for the business needing to get back to work. The back-to-work suite creates safe and sterile lanes of passage into your facility with up to 12 people per minute processed and sanitised per 40 ft container configuration, this allows for rapid workforce access and maximised control.

This is the sleek new face of your business, mine, medical facility, or factory. The unit consists of medical-grade finishes abiding by NIH, CDC, and WHO design standards. Leading technology is used to detect symptomatic personnel in mass. Price points vary depending on options and features chosen by the client and the extension of the site adaption required at the facility.  Your first point of contact with any business has always been important and these brandable units have a smart design with only the best medical-grade steel finishes creating a smart, safe entrance whilst abiding by the government recommendations for containing the virus.

Leading Patient Care

Hermetic means airtight and these units are a complete hermetic solution. A negative pressure system is included for enhanced safety and treatment of acute symptomatic patients. The heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and pressurisation systems included in the units are the best in the business with floor to ceiling medical-grade linings. The entire unit is easy to clean and sanitize reducing your maintenance efforts and costs. The curtain systems in place in these units are to hospital specifications and these acute-patient-care suites can be supplied completely kitted out upon request.

Modular comfort,class and hygiene

What makes the Hermetic Mobility COVID-19 response solution an exceptional one is the quality of these full medical examination units. Top of the range medical finishes and comfort of the container will make you feel as if though you were at your local hospital. The calm, safe environment for examining patients includes a coving, capping, and drain system that eliminates dirt and bacteria build-up. Making this completely compliant with standards set by the CDC and NIH for laboratory functionality.

Bio-Safety Lab (BSL-2)

No world-class testing and examination suite would be complete without an industry-leading biocontainment and on-site virus testing lab. The BSL-2 units are fully equipped and ready for deployment to your business or site, they are built according to the WHO and NIH guidelines. There is no compromise on quality when you invest in a Hermetic Mobility Unit.

The unit is divided into designated pressurised work zones to prevent cross-contamination. It contains an industry-leading containment HVAC and pressurization system. This creates a superior airtight environment using a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtered supply air system allowing a completely controlled laboratory environment. These airtight compartments allow for a safe sample flow throughout the laboratory process. HEPA filtered sample transfer airlocks centrally located in the Laboratory Command Centre allow for samples to be processed into the laboratory while maintaining a robust chain of custody procedures.

The pressurized doors are made of medical-grade stainless steel providing a sterile and airtight hygienic facility. The robust surface coating is simple to clean and sterilize. Hermetic Mobility Biocontainment Lab is delivered fully equipped to the clients’ specific requirements and ready for on-site commissioning.

Africa’s Challenges

There is a world-wide concern about how health systems will cope with the increased need for medical attention and care as some countries’ cases increase and others back down. The focus has turned to third world countries and rural areas where container-based solutions are affordable, quickly mobilized, and built to last throughout Africa. We believe the requirement in Africa is a huge one and Hermetic Mobility is ready to assist in getting you and your business prepared.

According to CNBCAfrica.com medical facilities around Africa are ill-prepared and ill-equipped to implement the public health measures required to delay the spread of infection. “Countries in Africa must also take the fight to the pandemic through simple but effective measures for detecting, testing, isolating, and mobilizing their people to mitigate transmission.”

It is near impossible to social distance in informal settlements, contract tracing is also an intolerable task and medical facilities are miles away for many rural communities. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has reiterated the importance of isolation for anyone showing symptoms of the disease. It is up to individuals to take responsibility for themselves. Especially in rural communities where people need to act fast if symptoms begin to show. The proximity of townships leads to the reality that if someone shows symptoms and contracts the virus the likelihood of others in the community being infected is high. Resolutions are needed for these areas and the Hermetic Mobility Suite is the answer as a turnkey, premium, fully-equipped solution for locations where resources are limited.

Hermetic Mobility solutions are built to last with a minimum 10-year duty cycle life span. The entire suite has applications beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. There is an array of options on how these units could be used but, first and foremost would be to remain as the medical facilities or extension of your clinic, hospital, mine, business, or school. They could be used for future viral outbreaks, seasonal flu, or as blood donation facilities or container clinics in rural areas.

It is time for Africa to mobilise their workforce safely and securely. Our engineers and team are available to discuss your needs and requirements.

Let’s save lives, one container at a time.

Resource: https://www.cnbcafrica.com/coronavirus/2020/03/22/opinion-piece-with-simple-fact-informed-hygiene-measures-africa-can-slow-covid-19-spread/

Author : Lauren Jane Kemp

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