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Vaccine Logistics and Facilities

Cryopreservation is an essential part of the solution to the problem we are currently facing as a global community. In order for the vaccines to reach their targets, existing technical expertise must be used.

Hermetic Mobility Africa (HMA) and Biomedhelix have partnered to assist Pharma vaccine suppliers, Governments and interest Groups with solutions in response to the worldwide drive for vaccine rollout and the intricate logistics from vaccination distribution centres to the end user. Our product range includes every cryogenic technology needed for the transport, storage, vaccine thawing, vaccine administering and patient wellness

Through the partnership, HMA and Biomedhelix will design, manufacture and deliver leading logistics systems and container/ modular-based clinical solutions for the vaccination administering programme.

storage and thawing facility internal

Partnership Attributes

HMA provides industry-leading modular medical facilities in the healthcare and medical arena by providing clinic and hospitals, bespoke or unique facilities for radiology, medical gas and user-driven specifications.

Biomedhelix contributes with their expertise in the design of and implementation of cryogenic, cold chain equipment and supplies.

Our combined expertise brings a complete end to end solution. In addition, we have dedicated ourselves to the topic of logistics and storage in cryotechnology for successful administering of vaccines on the African continent and Globally.

Our global hubs are strategically positioned for land and sea distribution of our facilities to anywhere in the world

Isometric External Whole Facility

Benefits of our Vaccine facilities:

  • End to end vaccine solutions for all types of vaccines.
  • Collection of vaccines from supplier’s distribution hubs with HMA / Biomedhelix cryogenic transport trucks
  • Solutions for patient screening, data collection, storage, vaccine thawing rooms, and administering of vaccines for patients provided in a fast deployable and effective modular facilities
  • Medical worker facilities including rest areas, ablutions, and general staff wellness facilities
  • HEPA filtration and industry-leading HVAC systems
  • Drive-through facilities available
  • Each modular facility is capable of the storage of many thousands of vaccines.
  • The full setup COVID-19 Vaccination Centre can treat up to 400 patients per day. Providing facilities for patient anamnesis, data capturing, and administering of vaccinations with an average time of 15 minutes per person.

A separate structure within the facility is provided for the post-vaccination 15-minute patient recovery period.

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Vaccine Logistics, Storage and Administering Flow Diagram

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