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Meets all of the Standards Set Forth by the CDC and NIH for Laboratory Functionality

Unit Specifications

Screening/ Business Continuity / Back to work Suite

  • The new face of your organization.

  • Back to work in an organized and safe environment.

  • The first line of defense for the organization stop COVID-19 at the door.

  • Monitor, disinfect, and control access with dedicated channels into your facility.

  •  The smart, sleek design with top of the range finishes.

  • Leading technologies such as FLIR (forward-looking infrared) cameras used to quickly and easily detect symptomatic personnel moving through the channels.

Flow Diagram

Hermetic Mobility Suite

Furthur Uses After COVID-19

  • Reusable and may be used for wellness / medical facilities (clinic) on-site.
  • Corporate social investment. Suites may be transported and donated to communities in need
  • Decommission the facility for future use.
  • Reconfigure the suites into additional office / storage space within your facility.

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