COVID-19 in Africa: Healthcare exposed

COVID-19 in Africa: A global focus as Africa heads towards one million cases of the virus.[News24]

The dire consequences of a struggling healthcare system and battling economies will be felt long after the pandemic is over. The investment in medical containers to assist the fight of COVID-19 in Africa is urgent.

Africa Statistics

As of August 5th, the total confirmed COVID-19 cases from 54 African countries have reached 976,208 with reported deaths reaching 21,050 and recoveries at 651,455.

South Africa (521 000) has the most reported cases and the fifth most in the world. Other countries in Africa that have been the most affected and who have the highest caseloads include Egypt (94,752), Nigeria (44,433), Algeria (32,504), and Ghana (37,812).

Africa is coming together to deliver a collective COVID-19 response, and we need to see strategic and sustainable planning delivered through quick decisive action.

Healthcare Shortfalls

Healthcare worker

Dianne Games of African Business examines the shortfalls of Africa’s healthcare systems and the solutions they require. COVID-19 in Africa leaves governments scrambling as their historical disregard of public health systems is exposed.

Government officials are forced to spring into action and confront the serious challenges in their healthcare systems.

The exposed truth is a failing system. A lack of medical supplies, a lack of medical staff, and poor working conditions. As many of Africa’s doctors and nurses seek employment overseas, for better conditions and pay.

The average physician density in sub-Saharan Africa stands at 0.2 doctors per thousand people, according to the World Bank.

Time for fresh ideas

The government remains in charge of the healthcare industry. There is a chance for governments around Africa to come together and validate sustainable solutions to healthcare challenges seen in Africa.

Scale-up medical technologies and increase investment in basic health infrastructure. Targeted funding schemes with development partners and governments need to be formed.

Hermetic Mobility Unit

Protect front-line workers

The World Health Organisation reiterates the importance of health worker safety as there is a shortage of medical staff in Africa. [WHO]

It is important to train staff on how to deal with COVID-19 patients efficiently and with care. Regular screening and temperature control are safety measures put in place to protect staff against the virus.

The challenge being seen is the need for a negative pressure system for enhanced safety and treatment of acutely symptomatic patients. A medical suite that will enable continuous care for patients, whilst protecting the workers, not located in regular hospitals.

Medical Containers

Hermetic Mobility Units offer this solution, mobilized within 6 weeks to anywhere in Africa. Hermetic Mobility Limited is U.S. based company Miller Paneling Specialties, brainchild. A market leader in the construction and delivery of Bio Safety Labs, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, and High-End Healthcare Fit-outs.

With the advent of COVID-19 in Africa, Hermetic Mobility. was born. To deliver a multi-faceted mobile screening, testing and containment, medical container system.

The need for decisive and sustainable action against COVID-19 in Africa is urgent. We appeal to government and corporate organisations across the African continent. Get in touch for the sustainable solution to COVID-19 in Africa by contacting Hermetic Mobility today.

Author : Lauren Jane Kemp


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